A la carte


Tapas platter served with cured ham from northern Norway, various cheeses, grilled olives, focaccia and aioli
(lactose, cheese, eggs, mustard seeds)
NOK 125

Clipfish salad served with bacon, honey roasted sunflower seeds, balsamico and foccacia
(fish, sulfites)
NOK 135

Fish soup served with bread
(fish, lactose, gluten; bread)
NOK 125

Focaccia and Aioli
(gluten, eggs, mustard seeds)
NOK 55


Main dishes:


Braised reindeer shank with mashed potatoes and butter-steamed cauliflower
NOK 425

 House burger with focaccia, burgerdressing, salad, tomato, red onion, fries
(milk, eggs, gluten)
NOK 255

Beef tenderloin with wok vegetables, hasselback potatoes, pepper sauce

(celery, milk)

NOK 315

Christmas plate including ribs, lamb ribs, coarse farm sausage, red cabbage, kohlrabi puree, boilet potato, brown sauce 
(milk, gluten)
NOK 395



 Butter fried clipfish with steamy root vegetables, raw fried potatoes, bacon, cauliflower sauce  (fish, milk, celery)
NOK 375


Lutefisk with pea stew, bacon, boiled potato, brown cheese, syrup, mustard
(milk, fish)
NOK 395


Children’s menu:

Hot dog with fries
NOK 95

Mini pizza with cheese and ham
(milk, gluten)
NOK 75

Mini Burger served with cheese and fries
(gluten, egg)
NOK 150



Chocolate fondant vanilla icecream, crumble and fresh berries
( gluten, milk, eggs)
NOK 145

Caramel pudding with whipped cream and fresh berries (milk, egg)
NOK 135

Mango sorbet served with fresh berries 
NOK 95

Homemade brown cheese ice cream with crumble and fresh berries
(lactose, eggs)
NOK 135


Vegan menu:

Vegan bowl fresh vegetables, coconut curry sose and foccacia bread
NOK 185

Quinoa bowl falafel, cucumber, tomato, coriander, mango, chilli, red onion (gluten)
NOK 195









Allergies: Most courses containing gluten and lactose can be replaced by allergy-friendly options or be lightly removed from the dish. If you have questions regarding other allergies, please ask our staff or talk directly with the chef. We do our best to help you!