Catering menu

Prices are per person

Traditional buffet:

Roast beef, ham, smoked trout, scrambled eggs, potato salad, chicken/pasta salad, waldorf salad, cured ham, green salad, bread, crispy flatbread, butter and dressing
250 NOK


Mediterranean buffet with scampi au gratin, spicy meatballs in tomato sauce, chicken confit, roasted potatoes, dates wrapped in bacon, fish cakes made from clipfish, cured and sliced whale, broccoli salad with raisins, green salad with olives, tomato, cheese platter with brie and Kraftkar, tzatziki-dressing, focaccia and aioli.
325 NOK

Exclusive extras for traditional buffet and tapas:

shrimp from Lyngen, red king crab and duck breast
+ 145 NOK


Potato wedges: 20 NOK
Aioli: 15 NOK
A whole foccaciabread: 150 NOK


Pan-fried trout loin with white wine sauce, steamed vegetables with butter and boiled potatoes
205 NOK

Grilled clipfish with root vegetables, bacon, garlic sauce and oven roasted potatoes
265 NOK

Lamb steak with sautéed vegetables, mushroom sauce and roasted potatoes
245 NOK

Chicken stew with white rice and salad
145 NOK

Game stew with vegetables, lingonberries and homemade mashed potatoes
195 NOK

Beef stew with salad and white rice
165 NOK


Omelet with bacon, bell pepper, mushroom and cheese
135 NOK

Trout with potato, salad and sour cream
125 NOK

Italian pizza with pesto and cured ham
115 NOK

Chicken and bacon sandwich
175 NOK

Hamburger with cheddar and bacon
185 NOK

Nordlænningen (focaccia sandwich with cured ham and brie)
85 NOK

Myreværingen (focaccia sandwich with smoked trout and aioli)
85 NOK

White bacalao (potato purée, clipfish, red onion, aioli and salami)
145 NOK

Tapas platter with cured ham, various types of cheese, olives, salad, focaccia and aioli
115 NOK

Homemade wheat rolls with various spreads and cold cuts
42 NOK


Homemade caramel flan with whipped cream and caramel sauce
65 NOK

Raspberry mousse with homemade vanilla sauce
85 NOK

Various rates:

Food transport 20 NOK per kilometer (km)

Renting a chef/waiter: 525 NOK per hour

The customer is responsible for returning catering equipment. Missing equipment must be compensated.

If you are interested in baked goods and cakes, please contact us.

Allergies: Most courses containing gluten and lactose can be replaced by allergy-friendly options or be lightly removed from the dish. If you have questions regarding other allergies, please ask our staff or talk directly with the chef. We do our best to help you!