Sunday menu

2 pm – 7 pm

Dinner Buffet
serving hot and cold dishes
NOK 225

Fish Soup
served with fish of the day, vegetables and focaccia
(lactose; butter, shellfish, gluten)
NOK 125/145

Italian Pizza
served with cheese, cured ham, bell pepper, onion, tomato and dressing
(gluten, lactose)
NOK 125

Pan Fried Clipfish
served with carrot purée, bacon, asparagus, white wine sauce and roasted potatoes
(celery, lactose; milk/cream)
NOK 355

Beef Sirloin
served with red wine- and balsamic sauce, sautéed red onions, mushroom and a mix of potatoes
NOK 325

Chocolate Fondant
served with raspberry coulis, fresh berries and vanilla ice cream
(citrus, gluten, lactose; butter, cream, eggs)
NOK 145

Peanut Pie
served with fresh berries and raspberry coulis
(lactose; cream, eggs, gluten)
NOK 145

Allergies: Most courses containing gluten and lactose can be replaced by allergy-friendly options or be lightly removed from the dish. If you have questions regarding other allergies, please ask our staff or talk directly with the chef. We do our best to help you!