Tapas menu

Wednesdays 6 pm – 9 pm

An overview of all dishes including allergies can be found by the buffet starting at 6 pm every Wednesday.

Our menu varies every Wednesday. In this way you’ll get a wide range of different flavors, from dates with bacon to scampi au gratin. We also bring inspiration from the season.

We wish to be conscious about where our food is derived from. Among other things, we bring in cured ham from Mydland in Tromsø. The ham has a particular long preparation process including a wide range of herbs. This gives the ham a less salty taste as opposed to other traditional Norwegian cured hams.

We bring in cheeses which have exquisit tastes. Our favorite cheeses are produced at Tingvoll where the farm and the cheese factory are located right next to each other. They focus on the wellness of their animals, and this creates a unique taste to their products. They have also won several food awards from world-wide competitions.

NOK 345


Salmon Tartare
served with avocado, jerusalem artichoke chips, chive, focaccia and balsamic vinegar
(citrus, gluten, fish, soy, eggs, mustard seeds)
NOK 135


Veal Sirloin
served with onion, mushroom- and potato mix, carrot purée and pepper sauce
(celery, lactose; milk/cream)
NOK 365

Clipfish With Bacon
served with carrot purée, root vegetables, roasted potatoes and white wine sauce
(celery, fish, citrus, lactose; cream)
NOK 355

Children’s menu:

Hot Dog
with pommes bistro
(lactose; milk)
NOK 120

with ham and cheese
(lactose, gluten)
NOK 120


Chocolate Fondant
served with raspberry coulis, fresh berries and vanilla ice cream
(citrus, gluten, lactose; butter, cream, eggs)
NOK 145

Bailyes Creme Bruleé
served with fresh berries
(lactose; cream, eggs, gluten)
NOK 135

Allergies: Most courses containing gluten and lactose can be replaced by allergy-friendly options or be lightly removed from the dish. If you have questions regarding other allergies, please ask our staff or talk directly with the chef. We do our best to help you!